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Mouse Poison

Three Great Effective Mouse Poisons for Low Price

mouse poisonRoban Whole Wheat is a great mouse poison for home users. You can use it to get rid of any rodent, but it is designed especially for mice. It is very cheap and is available in many local stores as well as online stores. It is an ideal mouse poison for home users. You just have to set the bait on the bait tray according to the number of mice you think that are present in your house and let Roban Whole Wheat do the rest. It should easily clear out any mouse trouble you may have been having previously.

Rodex Whole Wheat Mouse Poison

Rodex Whole Wheat is quite similar to Roban Whole Wheat. They have almost the same efficiency. They are almost equally effective when it comes to mice control. But you will get an advantage, if you use Rodex Whole Wheat. It is extremely easy to use and it is brilliant against rodents and it is highly edible so, it attracts more mice. It is a bit more expensive than Roban Whole Wheat, but it has slightly better results.

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Eradibait Non Poisonous Rat & Mouse Killer

Eradibait Non Poisonous Rat & Mouse Killer is an outstanding mouse poison. It is not poisonous but still is able to kill mice. Maybe you are thinking that why am I calling it poison if it is not poisonous. I am not saying it is poison, I am saying that it is mouse poison. It is not poison for human or any other creature but it is poison for any mouse or rat. It is specially designed in a way that once a mouse eats it, its message system in the body breaks down and its brain gets dehydrated very quickly. After that, one by one all of its body parts slowly stop functioning and that ultimately causes the death of the mouse. It is very cheap. Although it more expensive than my other two suggested mouse poisons, you have to remember that it is much better and absolutely risk free.

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mouse poison

Some Precautions

If you use Eradibait Non Poisonous Rat & Mouse Killer, then you need no precaution at all. But if you are to use any other mouse poison in the world, you need to take some precautions for the safety of you, your family and others around you.

  • Always, always keep the poison away from children. You should try to hide the poison from your children’s sight and even if they see it explain to them very carefully that it is not something to play with and it is definitely not something to joke about and design pranks with.
  • If you have other pets around your house, please keep them out of the area where you plant the poison. Otherwise, unwanted accidents may occur.
  • Use masks and gloves to protect yourself when you plant the poisonous baits. You should never touch any poison with unprotected hands.
  • You should never try to smell or inhale the poison. It can cause you to faint. It can also cause further dangerous brain damage.
  • Do not use too much poison! The over-usage of poison may disturb the health of people around the house. It will turn the air around it much more toxic than before.
  • Always clean up after you use any poison. Any poisonous bait that the mice did not eat should be cleaned and thrown out as soon as possible.
  • If you have a pet cat and you still used poison to kill mice, do not let your cat eat dead mice from your house. If your cat eats a poisoned dead mouse, it may die as well.


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